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5 Accessories You Will Need When Riding With A Baby

by Ashley Kelley

If you want to ride a bicycle with your baby you are probably considering either a front seat, a rear seat, or a bike trailer. Once you make your decision and purchase a properly fitted helmet for your little one, you may think you are ready to go. But before you hop on your bike and go for your first ride, make sure you have these five additional accessories on board. 


If your baby is in a seat mounted behind you, your body will work as a wind block. However, if your child seat attaches in front of you, then you will want to invest in a wind screen that attaches to your handle bars. This not only protects your baby from wind but also protects him or her from small rocks that may be thrown up by passing cars or your own bicycle. 

Bottle Holder 

Being out on a sunny day can make you and your baby thirsty. Breastfeeding on demand is an ideal way to make sure your baby does not become dehydrated. However, if you are riding with a baby that you are not breastfeeding, then you should have a bottle holder for your own water and another bottle holder for your baby's bottle with water, breast milk, or formula. A bottle holder with either an elastic band or an adjustable hook and loop strap will be able to better hold smaller baby bottles. 

Since most experts do not recommend riding with a baby until they are at least one-year old, your child may be able to drink out of your sport bottle. However, you should practice before leaving the house. Whatever bottle you choose for your baby, you should always stop your bicycle when you give them the bottle to drink as babies may be unable to compensate for the bouncing of the bicycle while drinking. 

Front Basket or Back Luggage Rack 

Babies tend to come with a lot of gear. While you can carry their extra belongings in a backpack, you will probably be more comfortable if you have a luggage rack to carry them. Panniers can be installed over either the front wheel or back wheel, depending on where you have your child. Another luggage option is a basket attached to your front handlebars. 

Wherever you place your child's seat, either behind you or in front of you, you should install your luggage carrier on the opposite side. This will help counterbalance the extra weight of your child on your bicycle. 

Luggage Extension 

If you and your child are riding to a destination where you will be unable to use your bike, such as a mall or the zoo, you may want to bring your child's stroller along. You can purchase an extension for a back rack that will hold a lightweight, collapsible stroller. Alternatively, you may consider bringing a wrap, sling, or baby carrier to transport your baby once you reach your destination. 

Front Mirror 

Whether you ride with your child in front of you or behind you, installing a small mirror on your handlebars that allows you to see your child's face is a good idea. You should monitor your child for signs of fear, anxiety, or exhaustion. You should never ride with a sleeping baby on your bike, and if you notice that your child is becoming distressed, you can stop and comfort them before their anxiety progresses too far. Additionally, you should occasionally check your child's helmet position and restraints in your mirror to make sure that they are safe while you are riding. 

Having the proper equipment for your bike from places like Sarasota Cyclery Inc not only keeps you and your baby safe, but it also makes your riding adventures more enjoyable for the both of you.