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Wet & Styled: Dress To Golf In The Rain

by Ashley Kelley

It may not be the most ideal weather, but a little rain often doesn't stop golfers from hitting the green. Instead of donning a large disposable poncho or wearing a goofy umbrella hat, you can prepare stylish and comfortable golf outfits specifically catered to wet weather. Once you have a few of these outfits prepared, it's easy to dress for inclement weather or have it packed in your golf bag when a random shower comes passing through.

Browse through the following golf apparel style options so you can look great on the course and stay as dry as possible.


The golf shirt is not just about looking good, it must be comfortable and flexible for the swing. During the rain, there are a number of different golf shirt features to consider. These features will help protect you from multiple elements.

  • Waterproofing: Once the shirt is manufactured, the fabric is coated with a special laminate that prevents water from soaking in. While shopping for waterproof golf apparel, look for shirts that have been double-coated. This means that both the inside and outside of the shirt were coated with the special laminate. This double coating creates a stronger shirt and prevents you from getting wet.
  • Wind-Proof: A lot of rain storms include wind. A wind-proof shirt will prevent wind from going through the fabric. This can help protect your body temperature and changing the way you swing due to shivering or tightened muscles.
  • Long Sleeves: Add extra protection by choosing a long-sleeve shirt or jacket. This helps protect your arms from excess water that can drip down to your hangs and create gripping problems.


Walking on a wet golf course is no picnic. Flat golf shoes often create the worse problems because there is nothing to grip onto when walking or swinging. It's almost like golfing on a frozen pond instead of a clear course. As you shop for a pair of golf shoes, there are two features to consider when thinking about the rain.

  • Waterproofing. Golf shoes with waterproofing have tighter stitching and less openings where water can seep into. If you have really sweaty feet, you may want to try these shoes out first or save them for emergencies because the waterproofing does limit the natural air flow through your foot.
  • Deep Spikes: Get good grips and have a steady shot on soft ground, wet grass, and muddy areas by using golf shoes with deep spikes. The spikes can dig into the ground and stabilize your body while you shoot.


Wet and dripping hair can create a distraction while you golf. Rain whipping into your face can also limit your view of the course. When shopping for a hat in a rain, it's important to get one with waterproofing materials. The water will slide right off the hat and keep your head dry.

Another important aspect for a golf hat in the rain is the hat brim. A full brim that goes all the way around the hat will help keep the rain a few inches away from your face. This is a huge factor in the visibility of the course. The brim over the back of your head will help prevent water from dripping down your back and making you uncomfortable while you play.

Layered Clothes

A number of clothes can be layered underneath your outfit for extra protection. For example, if you're golfing in pants, you can wear long johns for some extra warmth and comfort. Wet conditions often bring cooler temperatures, but the long johns will keep you warm while you golf.

If the temperature is normal, then you can wear some type of athletic undergarment. This adds an additional layer of water protection while allowing a natural airflow for your body.

When shopping for the apparel, request these specific items along with any type of rain accessories. Being fully prepared is the best way to prevent a wasted time on the course and a bad score you may regret.