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Gifts For A College Student Who Plays Billiards

by Ashley Kelley

If your son or daughter chooses to play billiards for entertainment and socialization at college, you've got good reason to cheer. Yes, the terms billiards and pool are often used interchangeably these days. But no, it's not like the kids are sneaking off to smoky pool halls and associating with hustlers. That old-fashioned reputation can safely be put aside when you discover the delightful settings where billiard games are played on campus these days. Clean, well-lit rooms, typically located in the main student center, provide a wholesome atmosphere where students gather for friendly competition. There are even collegiate billiards championship leagues at some colleges and universities with playoffs that can lead all the way up to a national championship tournament. Supporting your college student's participation in pool or billiards play is something that you can confidently do from afar. And buying billiards-related gifts online for the up-and-coming player makes celebrating birthdays and special events easier when your child isn't living at home anymore.

A Gift for the Beginning Player

If your college student is a math major, he or she could be eligible for scholarship money through a Billiard Endowment for Applied Mathematics like the one at Weber State University. But at most colleges and universities, getting involved in the game is much more simple and entertaining. The pool hall or billiards club room comes equipped with felt-covered tables, balls and racks, and a collection of cues that are free for anyone to use. During informal play with a group of friends, some kids discover they enjoy the challenge of figuring out angles and actions to sink the colorful balls in corner pockets. With a little practice, they discover that which cue they use can make a big difference in all the little details, from how they hold the stick to how much pressure they use to tap the cue ball lightly or give it a good, hard push. When they have a feel for the game, they're likely to try out the professional cues fellow students use when they come to play.

Don't be surprised if a pool cue ends up being at the top of your student's birthday or Christmas wish list. But before you hop online to order one, it's a good idea to ask your pool-playing kid for specific details. Cues come in a variety of styles, so you'll want to make your selection based on your student's experience so far. To order the best pool cue gift, you will need the preferred:

  • weight
  • cue tip diameter
  • grip
  • case style – hard or soft.

Later, if your student becomes a dedicated player or begins competing in tournaments, you may give a gift with more refined specifications. But for starters, you've shown your happy support when you give a quality pool cue that meets the basic needs of being comfortable to use and good looking.

Cool Billiard Accessories for Smaller Gifts

If you've asked for all the details to buy the best pool cue, the gift isn't going to be a surprise. That lack of mystery is one of the difficult parts of having a grown-up kid. But it you'd still like to capture a little bit of that wide-eyed joy when your grown-up student opens a present to discover something unexpected, there are plenty of opportunities when you choose accessories such as:

  • cue stick cleaners and shaft polishers
  • chalk and handy chalk holders
  • tip tools to maintain the important end of the cue

With the new pool cue and fun accessories, your student will be ready to enjoy playing just for the sport of it. There may even be inspiration to join the college billiard club or participate in a competitive league which has all the same requirements for good grades and sportsmanship as other school-sponsored athletic programs. To buy billiard accessories online, check out the websites of sporting goods retailers.