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Catchy Places To Display Your Baseball Trading Pins

by Ashley Kelley

The longer you play baseball, and the more tournaments you attend, the more trading pins you'll amass. These pins, which are customarily given out at the conclusion of tournaments and include relevant details about the event so that you can recall it later on, are ideal to mount on a corkboard or in a frame to hang in your home when your career is over. Before then, it's ideal to keep them in a place of prominence when you're at tournaments. As you meet other players, they'll often want to see your collection and compare the pins with their own. Here are some catchy places to display these pins.

On Your Equipment Bag

Youth baseball players will often carry an equipment bag that holds their bat, glove, and other accessories. You'll carry the bag over your shoulder on your way to the field and then clip it on the fence in the dugout beside the bags of your teammates. Your equipment bag serves as the perfect place to display the trading pins that you've collected over the years, as the bag typically has a flat panel on one side of it. If you have your name or number embroidered on the bag, place the pins in a circle around it.

On Your Team Jacket

Between games, you might not always have your equipment bag with you, but you'll often be wearing your team jacket. This serves as a valuable location to display your baseball trading pin collection — especially if everyone on your team is doing so. When you're at a tournament and are in the dining hall or mingling around with players from different teams, you'll have your collection with you to show to other players.

On A Supportive Banner

Many parents will create banners in support of their baseball-playing child that they can hold in the bleachers and possibly even carry if there's a pre-tournament parade for each team. A banner will typically include the player's name, number, and position, and may also contain a message of support for the player and the entire team. This banner can also serve as a valuable place to display the GH PINS that you've picked up at various tournaments throughout your baseball career. Depending on the size of the banner and the number of pins that you have, one option is to have the pins stuck to the banner around the entire perimeter.