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March Madness Is Coming To An End: Tips To Help You Survive The Basketball Off Season

by Ashley Kelley

With March Madness winding down for another year, fans who have become used to spending their evenings and weekends gathered together to support their favorite teams are suddenly looking at newly boring, empty schedules totally devoid of exciting basketball action. If this is a problem that is affecting your quality of life, don't give up your hope of getting some satisfying basketball action during the off season. Here is what you need to know to keep the basketball love flowing all year long.

Consider starting a basketball skills camp for youngsters in your local area

If you cannot watch basketball, the best alternative might be to help kids in your area learn basic basketball skills that can help them later during their school or college sports careers. To do this as easily and inexpensively as possible, approach businesses and people in the local community to help support the effort. Donations from these businesses and individuals can help to pay for t-shirts that can be handed out to the kids who participate, as well as basketballs, refreshments, and other necessary materials. This idea can even be expanded into a business, as well.

A local church, community gym, or even an outdoor basketball court in an area that will be safe for the kids to play can be used as the training court. Depending on the ages that will be participating, meeting with the kids two or three times each week can help them develop the necessary eye-hand coordination needed to succeed in most sports. In addition, kids can have fun learning correct shooting stances and ball handling skills, such as how to pass and dribble the ball.

Depending on the fitness levels and interest of the kids who participate, it may even be possible to include some light physical training, such as running or squats. This kind of training can really help youngsters develop the speed, agility, and endurance needed for sports or active hobbies, such as hiking, and biking. And as an added benefit, both you and the kids will be receiving the benefits of being more active in a fun setting.

Form a local basketball club for monthly gatherings during the off season

When you cannot watch basketball, talking about it with like-minded individuals can be a satisfying substitute, and forming a local basketball club can make that happen. Using social media or even word-of-mouth advertising, find a dozen or more people who are also missing basketball and would enjoy getting together to talk about players, statistics, and basketball trivia every few weeks during the off season.

If the group size stays fairly small and the members are from the local area, holding the meetings in a different member's home each time can be an excellent way of making sure that no one feels burdened with preparations or excluded from any of the fun. Members can bring along favorite recorded games from past seasons and chip in to provide delicious snacks to enjoy while critiquing the game or sharing anecdotes about favorite players, both past and present. You could even start collecting accessories and memorabilia with your club, such as collecting NBA game coins online

Play mental basketball with the help of online basketball games

If available time, location, or other factors prevent you from hosting a basketball skills camp for kids or even creating a local basketball fan group, a good option can be to learn to play one of the many basketball games now available online. These games use advanced computer graphics to simulate the experience of playing the game in real time. Game coins are also available to help enhance the player experience and make these games more exciting. The best part about playing online NBA basketball games is that they can be enjoyed year round, even during regular basketball season.