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3 Benefits Of Learning To Ice Skate As An Adult

by Ashley Kelley

Every Olympic season, little girls and boys watch their favorite ice skaters compete for the gold in figure skating. Some of the children have been introduced to the world of ice skating through lessons, which is why they are interested in watching the ultimate competition. Others, however, only know about ice skating from seeing it on the television and never get the opportunity to take ice skating lessons as children due to growing up in an impoverished home. 

If you are an adult who grew up loving the sport of figure skating but was never given the opportunity as a child to learn how to ice skate, why not do it now? Sure, it's too late to make your dreams of Olympic stardom come true, but learning how to ice skate definitely has its benefits. 

1. It Is a Great Workout 

Ice skating is a great way to work out your cardiovascular system and improve your heart. It also burns calories, which makes it a fun way to lose or maintain weight. Ice skating will give you a similar workout to that of jogging or bicycling but without having to deal with warm or hot temperatures and moderate or high humidity that can make you sweat profusely. 

2. It Can Improve Your Proprioception

Proprioception is the way your mind works together with your body to know where your various body parts are at all times. It's how you know where to put your foot when walking without actually needing to look at the ground. Ice skating can help to improve proprioception since, at least at first, you need to keep focused on what your feet and arms are doing and how your movement of them affect your ice skating form. 

3. It Can Improve Your Self-Confidence 

Anytime you try something new you should feel good about yourself, especially if you've led a sedentary life, particularly in more recent years as many adults do. Taking the time to do things like taking ice skating lessons can help build confidence in yourself. Overcoming the challenge of learning how to ice skate as an adult is something to be very proud of, indeed. However, you have to be careful that it doesn't lower your self-confidence, which can happen if you end up falling down on the ice too often. Just take it slow and keep your ice skating class instructor informed if you do not understand certain things or have problems in particular areas. 

For more information, contact your local ice skating classes!