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Does Your Dad Love Golfing? 3 Tips To Selecting A Golf Cap That He'll Love To Show Off

by Ashley Kelley

When your dad loves to golf, you have an endless array of options for giving him a gift that he will definitely use on the course. Golf hats are often considered an essential accessory by avid golfers because they help to shield their eyes from the sun so that they have better aim. A quality golf hat also helps players to protect themselves from the UV rays of the sun while also making a fashion statement. Now that you know that your dad's next gift should be a hat, you can use these tips to pick one out that he'll love showing off at his next game.

Choose Between Fitted and Adjustable Styles

Your first decision to make is whether your dad would prefer a fitted or adjustable hat. In general, a fitted hat gives a cleaner look that your dad might prefer if he plays professionally or with his colleagues in a formal atmosphere. Fitted hats do require you to know your dad's size or head measurements, which might be hard to get if you are planning a surprise. Men's golf caps also come in adjustable styles that use a hook and loop fastener at the back. This is an option if you are unable to get your dad's size, and you might want to go this route if your dad might want to wear his hat tighter or looser depending upon the weather.

Consider His Preferred Colors

Once you've got an idea of what style of hat you need to get, you can move on to picking out a pattern or color that your dad will enjoy wearing. Neutral colors are always great for a hat that your dad can wear with anything. However, your dad may also enjoy wearing a hat that matches his team's uniform if he competes, or he may be ready to enhance his current hat collection with a fun print that makes him smile every time he wears it to the course.

Pick the Right Level of Breathability

Men's golf caps are typically made with sweat-wicking fabric that will help keep your dad's head dry as he enjoys his favorite sport. However, you do want to think about what other options are available that can help to keep him either warm or cool depending upon where and when he plays the most. If your dad lives in a hot climate, then look for breathable mesh panels that further increase air circulation to help him stay cooler. For cold climates or winter golfing, your dad may prefer a hat with less ventilation.

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