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Microskiff Fishing Boats

by Ashley Kelley

A microskiff is a small, lightweight water vessel. It contains a flat bottom and open top. A microskiff is a type of fishing boat that can be used in shallow water. If you are an angler who prefers to go on solo or paired fishing trips, owning this type of watercraft will allow you to explore many offshore regions that contain aquatic vegetation.

Fishing Trips That Don't Support Large Boats

A draft is a term that relates to how low the hull can safely go in the water. If a large shipping vessel were used in shallow water, the hull would be likely to scrape the bed of a river or sea. This could cause damage to a boat.

A fishing trip that will be conducted in areas along a bank or marsh may require a boat operator to move stealthily between tall reeds and other aquatic vegetation that is growing in the water or along the shoreline. Even if an offshore region contained enough water for a large watercraft to access, the amount of vegetation could cause navigational disruptions for the boat operator in a larger boat. 


A microskiff is a smaller version of a skiff. This type of watercraft is designed for one or two people. A microskiff utilizes a motor with a low horsepower rating. A less powerful motor will regulate the amount of fuel that a microskiff needs to operate. If an angler would like to relax and enjoy the scenery or challenge themselves to a more interesting trek across the water, they can turn off a microskiff's motor and use paddles.


Although microskiffs are relatively small in size, there are some vessels that will require the use of towing materials. Boat dealers may feature a range of microskiffs that are of varying sizes. If you plan on going on a lot of solo adventures and want to pack as lightly as you can, consider purchasing one of the smallest microskiff models that are for sale. This type of boat can be secured to the roof of your vehicle. You will be able to haul the boat down from the roof and carry it out to the area where you will access the water.

If you plan on fishing with a companion and are going to need some extra storage aboard your boat, shop for one of the larger microskiff models. This type of model will still be much smaller than a standard skiff but will supply additional interior space that the smallest microskiffs do not supply. A flatbed and a tow bar may be needed to transport this type of watercraft. Reach out to a professional to see what fishing boats they have available.