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A Bike Trailer Is A Convenient Way To Carry What You Need When You're Out On Your Bike

by Ashley Kelley

If you use a bike as a primary mode of transportation, or if you just like getting fresh air and exercise on a bike, you may enjoy having a bike trailer. These come in different styles so you can choose one for your purposes. They attach to your bike so you can pull them behind you and carry your belongings or even your pets. Here's a look at some bike trailer options.

A Trailer For Kids And Pets

If you'd like to take your dog or child to the park on your bike, using a trailer is a safer option than carrying them on your bike. These trailers usually have a soft, ventilated cover so your child gets a breeze and can see what's going on.

The trailers are suitable for babies that need extra support and toddlers. They're often large enough to hold two toddlers or two big dogs at once, so they're a convenient way to get your kids and pets to the park where you can enjoy a walk or picnic.

A Kayak Bike Trailer

If you love spending time on the water, you may have your own kayak. A kayak is fun, but it can be a pain to haul it around on your car, especially if you don't want a rack on your car. A kayak bike trailer is a good solution. These are lightweight and tubular so you can pull them easily on a bike.

You can buy trailers with one or two wheels, but a trailer for a kayak will have better stabilization with two wheels. A bike trailer makes it easy to transport a kayak, and since it's closer to the ground than the roof of your car, it's easier to get the kayak loaded and unloaded.

A Bike Trailer For Shopping

A trailer is handy for shopping trips. You'll get exercise while going about your shopping duties. Some of the trailers can detach and be used as a shopping cart so you can wheel your groceries right into your house rather than make several trips unloading your cart.

If you plan to buy a cargo trailer for shopping trips, think about the size you'll need and the terrain you'll bike over. You may want a trailer with suspension so your food won't get jostled around.

Bike trailers have their own unique designs. They don't always look like trailers you'd pull behind a car. They're usually smaller and styled so they're easy to pull and don't take up much room. You can buy a trailer that looks like a two-wheeled handcart or one that looks like a tube on a single wheel. The style you choose depends on how you want to use your trailer. Some have small tires and others have large, fat tires so they can handle rough terrain.

You can take your bike trailer fishing, hunting, touring, or shopping, and have everything you need for a day away from home in a convenient location right behind your bike. 

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